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chicago-flooring-warranty A Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Buying a product backed by a strong warranty is very important for every single one of us.

Many companies are using their warranty as a marketing tool, going out of their way to offer 20-50 years warranties on paper. But when it comes time to deliver, the customer is always at fault and the warranty is almost always ignored.

We, at Flooring Innovations like to put our money where our mouth is. 
In order to ensure your piece of mind, we are offering a three year labor warranty along with our “money in the bank” 90 days warranty.

The way this works is pretty simple. We know that most of the problems with a floor are being detected by the customer in the first couple of weeks. As a proof of our reliability, once the project is completed, we will let you keep 10% of our labor mark-up for three more months, in the event that any problems might occur.

Once the three months have passed, if you are completely satisfied with the quality of our work, we will ask for the remaining of the balance.

As far as we know, there is no other company on the market at this point to offer a warranty such as ours.  

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How much does flooring cost

At Chicago Flooring Innovations we understand that investing in a flooring project represents a big commitment for our customers. We are very much aware of the challenges you might be facing when starting a project like this. Chicago Flooring Innovations is ready to solve these problems, as well as answer every question you might have.

We understand that price, cleanliness, timeliness and quality are equally important to you. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

We offer a three year guarantee on all labor and allow the customer to keep 10% of the labor cost for another three months after the completion of the project. Consider this "money in the bank" for any issues that may come up after the project is finished.


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Wow! The walnut border installed by Flooring Innovations is gorgeous. I can’t wait to have a party and show it to all my friends. Marius, you definitely enhanced the look of our home, as promised.
Kelly Gryzbowski
Schaumburg, Il
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