Think Unique? Think Kahrs Flooring!

Looking for a unique wood flooring? Kahrs flooring might be the answer...

Kahrs-flooring-chicago A Gorgeous Kahrs Floor

Are you looking for a wood floor that is unique in both appearance as well as the way it was created? Look no further! Kahrs wood flooring will give you just that.

So, what makes Kahrs engineered flooring so unique? What distinguishes these floors so far apart from their competitors? Let's take a look and find out.

The Huge Array of Floors to Choose From

Yes, you heard me right. Kahrs flooring offers a variety of wood floors, made from a wide array of wood essences, with a huge variety of looks to choose from.

Do you want a floor that is hand scraped, wire brushed or both? Kahrs has it.

Do you want a natural oak, maple, ash or Brazilian cherry floor? Kahrs has it.

Are you looking for a custom stain, a matt or a high gloss finish? No matter what your preference is, Kahrs is very likely to have exactly what you looking for.

The Locking System

kahrs-woodloc Kahrs Woodloc Unmatched by Any

Yes, yes, yes. If there is one thing that sets Kahrs so far apart from their competition that is not even funny anymore, it is their Woodloc locking system.

Copied by most but matched by no one else, this system has been created to ensure that, once installed, Kahrs floors won't go anywhere. They will barely, if at all, shrink, expand or move, in a word.

The boards are guaranteed to not crack, separate or do any of the "funny" things, many other flooring brands do.

If you have Kahrs floors installed by an experienced installer, you are guaranteed to have a floor that lasts a lifetime, and the woodloc system guarantees just that.

Don't Believe Me? Test Kahrs and See It for Yourself

Walk into a flooring store, ask the sales person to bring you two Kahrs flooring chips as well as two chips from any other floor he recommends. Have him close the two chips together. Now, grab the Kahrs pair of locked in boards, and hold them face down.

See what happens… Nothing… Now barely hit one of the boards, to see if they pull apart. Nothing, yet?

Now hit them harder, and harder, and harder, until you determine the amount of force needed to open up these boards once they are in place.

Or, if you don't have time to play this game, just take my word for it.

It takes a lot of force to open up Kahrs boards, especially if you compare them with the amount of force needed to open up a different floor brand.

How much force does it take to open up a different brand? Not that much. As a matter of fact, most brands will pop open as soon as they're being flipped face down, without even being touched. And that is why some of these floors open up in time, crack, shrink expand and so on. Poor craftsmanship!

The Number of Thicknesses to Choose From

Take a look at the other brands of engineered floors and you'll see that most of them specialize in one particular thickness exclusively, with most of them manufacturing just 3/8" thick wood floors.

Not Kahrs. Any thickness of wood floor you need, between ¼" thick, all the way to 3/4" thick, Kahrs will be able to suit your need.

¾" you say? That is impossible, only hardwood floors are that thick. Guess what?

Only hardwood floors used to be that thick. Now Kahrs flooring is breaking that barrier. You don't believe me? Take a look at the Kahrs Grande collection and tell me what you think.Pretty impressive huh…?

Did you know that Kahrs has been around for more than 100 years? Yes, the company has been established in 1857. So, if you're looking for a company that will still be around next year, Kahrs history speaks for itself...

The Way the Floor It's Being Milled

Again, compare Kahrs engineered flooring with any other manufacturer and what you'll see is that everybody else manufactures beveled edged boards, while Kahrs is one of the very few that still makes completely flat boards.

Once you closed Kahrs boards together, they will literally look like one. Now, don't get me wrong, Kahrs makes some beveled floors as well, but their beveled floors are truly being made this way just for appearance purposes alone.

So what, you are gonna say? Why is that so important?

I'll tell you why, by answering this question: what is the purpose of the beveled edge?

You don't know yet? Other than appearance, which is what most flooring people will tell you beveled edge is about, the main purpose of this type of edge is to hide imperfection.

By beveling the edge, the actual joint between the two flooring boards, gets "dropped" below the level the average eye will focus on.

Are you gonna have a small crack? No problem, since the beveled edge creates an artificial crack that you'll focus on, hiding that small manufacturing error.

Is there a small level difference between the two adjoining wood boards? As long as it's not huge, the beveled edge will hide that as well.

Kahrs, are so confident in what they've put together, their floors are so perfectly made that there is no need for a beveled edge to mask their manufacturing errors.

Last but Not Least Price

Chicago-wood-flooring Kahrs Can be Affordable Too...

Being given the quality offered by Kahrs in comparison to other brands, Kahrs floors are truly priced right.

Let me just say this so you understand what I'm talking about, Kahrs floors whether we talk about their most expensive or their cheapest product, are always 20 – 25% less than Mirage floors for example.

Now, that's not to say that you won't find cheaper engineered floors out there. Yes you will.

But if you want gorgeous engineered floors that last for a long time, you'd have a very hard time finding another brand that gives you so much for your buck.

So, I hope you got the picture by now. If you are looking for a wood floor that is truly unique and of high quality, choose Kahrs. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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My floors were damaged by water when I was on vacation. I replaced them with Kahrs Oak Stone flooring provided by Chicago Flooring Innovations. Daniel was knowledgeable, responsive, and his team did a high quality job. 
In a stressful situation, I was impressed that he always responded to emails or text messages almost instantly. I had a lot of questions about the process. Also, he was great about proactively communicating status and even texted pictures during the day.
The work itself was done professionally. Furniture was moved around carefully and drop cloths were used to protect both furniture and counters. The space was always cleaned at the end of every work day. The floors themselves look amazing. There are no quality issues.

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