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My Favorite Engineered Floors

Very Important:  I do not receive any type of endorsement for recommending these products and my company it’s not associated in any way with these manufacturers.

Just like any other types of flooring, I can get both of these flooring products for you, through one of our flooring suppliers but, once again, I have no more interest in recommending these floors than I would have in recommending any other product out there!

Please do not take this article as purchasing advice, since it wasn’t written as such. It is simply a personal opinion on flooring products I’ve successfully used over and over again.

Please use your own judgment when purchasing a product because, after all it’s said and done, you will be the one that will have to leave with it for many years to come.

This being said, let’s proceed with the reviews on two of my favorite engineered flooring products.

How much does flooring cost

Here You Can See What Makes Good Engineered Flooring!

Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring Review

Kahrs it’s by far my favorite engineered flooring manufacturer. Their product line includes any type of engineered flooring you could wish. So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this brand.

Advantages of Using the Kahrs Engineered Wood Floor

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Disadvantages of Using Kahrs Engineered Flooring

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Formaldehyde, a component in the adhesive used by some flooring manufacturers, is a known VOC, which means it will slowly evaporate in the air putting you and your family in harm's way?

Mirage Engineered Floors Review

The second engineered floor I like to work with and recommend my customers it’s Mirage engineered flooring.

The only products I’ve used from Mirage, and the ones they are famous for, are the glue down engineered floors.

Advantages of using Mirage Engineered Floors

Disadvantages of Using Mirage Flooring

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How much does flooring cost

At Chicago Flooring Innovations we understand that investing in a flooring project represents a big commitment for our customers. We are very much aware of the challenges you might be facing when starting a project like this. Chicago Flooring Innovations is ready to solve these problems, as well as answer every question you might have.

We understand that price, cleanliness, timeliness and quality are equally important to you. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

We offer a three year guarantee on all labor and allow the customer to keep 10% of the labor cost for another three months after the completion of the project. Consider this "money in the bank" for any issues that may come up after the project is finished.


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